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A Will (Last Will and Testament) is a legal document where you can set out your instructions on how your money, property and specific assets (your "estate") will be distributed, who will administer your estate ("executor"), and who will receive your estate ("beneficiaries"), after you die. 
If you die without a valid will, a Court will appoint someone to take control of your estate (your assets/holdings), and distribute the assets according to applicable provincial estate and family law legislation. 
Having a valid will makes the distribution of your estate easier for your executor and faster for your beneficiaries to receive their portion of your estate. 
You can change and update your will at any time, and it is crucial to do so after significant events in your life, such as: A new child being born, marriage, separation/divorce, death of a partner/executor/beneficiary, an appointed executor no longer able/willing to administer your estate after your death, etc. 
We can help you establish a valid Will or update your existing Will, as well as provide you with a Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care - two documents that provides someone with the ability to take care of your finances and/or health care decisions while you are alive but incapacitated. 
Contact us to get started so your loved ones are not left scrambling to apply to Court to ensure your assets and estate are properly administered.  
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